Friday, February 24, 2012

French pre-carnaval

In class I heard about the "carnaval" coming to town tomorrow. There was also a pre-carnaval happening within 20 minutes (by foot) of our apartment that sounded like fun. The kids are usually bouncing off the walls at night anyway so I thought I would brave it while Daniel did part 1 of our weekly shopping trip(we go to two stores by bike each week). It was fun, a little crazy but good to "do something" with the kids. Getting out to do something just for fun has been very rare since we arrived for various reasons. And it was FREE!

There was lots of fire-juggling and lots of walking through the city (they kept moving the "parade" to draw more attention I think.)

The girls had a lot of fun dancing around at one of the stops. They had plenty of energy so I was glad we went. Louis however did not and was very cranky. I had to hold him and push a double stroller...not awesome. On the way home he screamed for a few minutes but then fell asleep (thank goodness). The girls had a good time though and we had popcorn and read books when we got home. That's about as fun as it gets around here!:)

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