Monday, February 27, 2012

Our weekend in pictures

We've been learning "Go Fish". Tonight Liv joined in (not in these pictures) and it was the cutest thing.

So happy to be getting some fun daddy time in!

Livvie and Louis (louis looking a little out of sorts...he's been sick a ton)

Marianna and Daddy and the Raclette (a huge chunk o cheese daniel bought...he got an entire Kilo because he was thinking you had to buy it that way....!) Its pretty tasty though.

Daddy snuggling his girls

Daniel and Louis having some guy time trying to catch part of a rugby game (in French of course:)

Okay, so I asked Daniel to take a picture of this because this is seriously how I have to study. This is just to illustrate why I end up each week asking myself when I ever studied?! But going to class is the best way for me to learn anyway.:) And I love those kids of mine.

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