Sunday, June 3, 2012

Menu Plan

Monday: Pesto Pasta, Broccoli, Homemade Bread (cuz I got a bread machine...youpi!)
Tuesday: Bacon and Cheese Lentils
Wednesday: Corn Fritters and Baked Beans, raw veggies
Thursday: Soup, Bread Friday: Merguez (hot dogs) and fries, salad
Saturday: ??
Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls in the bread machine, smoothies, eggs, muffins
On a related note, I just saw this post about depression green and that is totally me! I am not super motivated to save the earth in a general sense, but I do believe it is good to be a wise steward of the resources God has given us. And it just so happens that many practices that are frugal are also good for the environment and are less wasteful too...hanging laundry, cloth diapers, walking instead of using the car, reusing baggies, using rags instead of paper towels etc. Love that!

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