Sunday, August 12, 2012

Menu Plan

Monday: White Beans, bacon and broccoli over quinoa
Tuesday: Chicken, potatoes, carrots in the crockpot
Wednesday: Taco Soup in the crockpot, raw veggies, fruit
Thursday: Fried Rice  with salad
 Friday: Sourdough Rice flour pizza
Saturday: Burgers on lettuce, homefries, veggie tray
Sunday: Up in the air!

Mornings are back to green smoothies made with kefir, frozen fruit and spinach.  Now everyone likes and drinks these (especially since the GAPS diet).  Most of the time we have eggs of some sort.  Once a week I made soaked sourdough rice flour pancakes which are SO good!  We occasionally do a german pancake or baked oatmeal but haven't really done that since the GAPs but will again soon.

As far as the GAPS diet goes we are not following it anymore but have incorporated a lot of the practices into our diet...more broth, more vegetables, soaking any grains and I am trying not to do anymore than necessary of processed food (still use a few things...pre-made peanut butter, tomato paste for example).  Our little one with the digestion issues hasn't had any problems since the diet.  Its been really exciting to see her feel better without medication!  We actually went off the really strict portion of the diet because Olivia starting having the opposite problem and we don't know why.  She is going to go to school in a few weeks and we were nervous about continuing something that was messing with her ability to get to the potty on time this close to school.  She's doing better now and I think its been good for all of us to continue without the gluten, sugar and processed foods.  

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