Sunday, August 5, 2012

Party week!

We had some great photo "opps" this week with two parties--one for a going away friend and fellow student and then a birthday party for our friends' kids, but we didn't take pictures at either!  But here are a few pictures of the kiddos from around the house instead. Marianna meticulously decorated the table for a "meal":

Louis' new favorite activity is playing in the sink. Just a tiny bit of water (or none sometimes even works) and a few utinsels and he is in heaven. Marianna got in on the act this time and washed green beans and cut carrots (I was filling the crockpot while they were playing).
Here in our neck of France it has been HOT, but today we are having a refreshing storm. Lots of thunder and lightening! The farmer's market here is in full swing and has been loaded with goodies. We probably buy about half our food at the market nowadays. The girls have been on a special diet, but I haven't been strict with it after the first week and a half. The girls had their first sugar yesterday, which we planned to do ahead of time, but at home we will continue with no sugar (some honey occasionally) and, almost no processed foods or grains. School's going okay, I'm only doing 2 days a week this month. Daniel is going 4 plus tutoring, so that's good. Well, off to church!

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