Saturday, October 27, 2012

To market to market to buy a fat...

...piece of Reblechon fromage:). 

Since we started to make an effort to eat a little better and also enjoy the local products of Savoie more, I've tried to get to the market once a week. It takes more effort to do the market rather than just the supermarkets, but we feel like its usually worth it.  Today it was extra effort because of the cold rain and crazy wind, but was actually more fun than usually because there were less people there and the vendors all said something about the wind and were more willing to chat a little.  Daniel also learned about a dish in class he wanted to try (which I've actually made before, but not the authentic Savoie way) so I had instructions to buy some Reblechon cheese for a tartiflette which is potatoes, smoked bacon, cream or creme fraiche, onions and reblechon, which I found out today is REALLY STINKY cheese.  Like diaper pail or garbage can stinky I think, but I imagine it will taste good all the same.  But since I haven't done it in awhile I thought I would show you what's in season here right now and what we bought (and will eat this week). 


Cute girl added to get the grandparents to look at the picture:).  4 kilos of apples (for $4...woot!), really expensive and really stinky cheese (check!), some nuts I have no clue what to do with (anyone...are these chestnuts or what and what do do!?), squash that isn't pumpkin, but I use for muffins and pumpkin soup and pie etc., lots of local lettuce, pears, carrots, cabbage, celery and leeks.  The leeks are because my tutor was horrified that leeks weren't a staple in our diet this time of year.  I need to figure out how to use them so the kids don't put up a fight eating them.   Minus the cheese, it was about $18 for the produce...maybe less.  None of it is "certified" organic, but I am pretty sure a lot of it is close to organic because the farmers I frequent are very old school...and well...very old:). 


Deborah said...

I used to just chop up the leeks and put them in along with whatever veggie I was using - in soups, sautee veggie dishes, casseroles, etc. Supposedly they're in the onion family.

Esme said...

Those look like chesnuts. Roast them over an open fire?

Rachael said...

I love the taste of leeks but I guess the real problem is that my kids hate onions and they are definitely resembling the onion. I am hoping to find a magic way to hide them or transform them so we can all enjoy them:)

Esme, I was wondering if that's what they were. Wish I had an open fire. Do you think an oven would work?