Friday, December 5, 2008

Coffee date with practically free babysitting!

The free babysitting part is a bit of an exaggeration, but in my hometown there is the cutest little child-friendly coffee shop! My mom and I went there on the Saturday after thanksgiving and my 13 1/2 month old daughter played happily for almost an hour while my mom and I read, drank lattes and chatted! The toy area is actually enclosed so you can be sure toddlers are safely within reach at all times. Too much fun.
At my parents' house this isn't an issue, but when back at home its often hard to justfiy both a babysitter and the money to go out. Finding places like this can mean going out and spending time with friends or spouse without all the attention being on kiddos!

The fun toy area at Coffee Cabin.

Briefly checking on my girlie while she checks out the books.

Here I am happily enjoying my latte and magazine while M plays nearby! Check it out...I am showing! Guess you do "show" earlier with #2:)

The other great thing about local places like this? They still offer specials and punchcards! Not to mention support the local economy, which is a great thing:)
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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Ikea has a play place where you can drop kids off for like an hour, I believe. You can shop around or relax in their cafe. Very nice!


Rachael said...

Great tip Niki, thanks!