Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Fun: Just the Girls and some bargains

Daniel and his friend Jeremy from church are going to see Dr. Don at Mars Hill Church today, so M and I are on our own today. Unfortunately, the car went with Daniel, but we are not to be deterred!

First, I have my full phone interview with Wycliffe Bible translators at 10am (a little nervous, just because I don't know what I will be asked at all!) and then we'll be hitting the public bus system...whoo! Because we are frugal party animals, we are going to bargain central and hitting Value Village to look for baskets to make into gift baskets, then to Grocery Outlet to get some cabbage so I can make the one meal Daniel hates and I LOVE: okonomiyaki, a Japanese dish made with cabbage, flour, and eggs, then fried in a pan like a pancake and topped with tonkatsu sauce and mayo and maybe some meat (at least that's the way I like it:).

Then, we are going to McDonald's for a rare trip (I really don't like Mickey D's:) since I got a coupon for a free small latte (no purchase required) and M can play on their playground for the first time:) Oh, its in the RedPlum insert btw.

Finally, back to Walgreen's for one more round of RR fun. I didn't think I would do the deal again, but I figured it will cost me around $2 out of pocket to get the following (and I have a little over $11 on gift card and $5 RR to use):

Bald Guyz moisturizer (great white elephant!)
3 packs of white Christmas tissue paper
2 Russell Stover chocoloate luminaries
2 Maybelline Lip glosses (on sale for $3.99 at WAGS thru today and a $4/1 coupon came out in the RedPlum today!)

I will get back a $5 RR and over $15 on my gift card for the Russell Stover and Bald could I not do this deal!!??

Then back on the bus to go home and eat Okonomiyaki! A fun and cheap date for us girls, don't you think?

And because you need to see some pics from our new camera...although these are testers so don't mind the bad lighting:), here is Daniel and M being oh so cute:)

and a rare pic of M actually wanting her pic taken:) goofy girl

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