Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Funky stuff growing on my counter

Here is a tutorial that I am following to make my own (hopefully!) sourdough starter. Looking forward to some homemade sourdough pancakes, biscuits, crackers, etc. Yum! The other thing is Kefir, which we make with the cheap UHT milk here, but it works just fine. One night on the counter and we have a yummy jar of kefir for our green smoothies. Apparently the stuff is awesome for your digestion (better than yogurt) and its super easy and cheap to make. So, I am! The other things in the picture above are dried beans, whole grains, whole sugar, real sea salt, lentils, etc. There are white beans in the crockpot, a pretty typical thing around here.

Do you have any weird things growing on your counters?


Jessie said...

I often have no-knead bread ( hanging around on our counter. Well actually it usually winds up on the ironing board since it's the warmest spot around.

Rachael said...

Jessie I am going to have to check that out! I've heard of no knead bread cookbooks but haven't ever tried it myself that I can remember. Sounds good!