Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Menu plan (in which I am getting old and injured my leg edition)

This weekend I managed to injure my right hip joint without knowing how I did it and am now in some pretty significant pain if I try to walk (or move...). I went to the Dr. but she seemed rather baffled. I have an x-ray scheduled for Thursday and some anti-inflammatory drugs for a possible joint injury or something. Hoping it gets better quickly so I can get back to actually being able to do stuff around the house and go to class!

Monday: Pakistani Kima (a kind of curry with meat, vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes and lots of spices) over rice

Tuesday: Chicken and Potatoes in the crockpot, side of broccoli and corn

Wednesday: White Chicken Chili, bread

Thursday: Taco Salad or another salad? We have a HUGE head of green leaf lettuce so I need to make salad soon!

Friday: Burgers, Homemade oven fries, salad (leftover)

Saturday: Pizza with friends (bring salad of some sort)

Sunday: Spinach Rice Casserole or egg salad sandwiches (we just scrambled eggs, toast some bread and put mayo on it)

Breakfasts are now a rotation of (mostly): scrambled eggs & green smoothies (I finally got a combo Daniel liked: kefir, frozen bananas and mache(greens), with another fruit added or some honey!), oatmeal, or German oven pancake (usually with yogurt or fruit).

In other news I am trying to start some sourdough...so now I have two weird things growing on my counter.

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