Sunday, April 22, 2012

Menu Plan

I've found that although I am on the lazy side for certain things naturally (although marriage and having kids has changed me A LOT), I don't enjoy having to do nothing while my family picks up the slack.  So this partial bedrest is killin' me!  I am trying to be thankful for the time to rest, work on studying french (and catching up on a lot of french t.v. programs that I don't the time to watch), and mess around on the computer, its still hard knowing how stressful this time is on the rest of the family.  And to be honest I feel very isolated from the rest of the Christian community here right now.  Two weeks without being able to go to church plus missing a new Bible study and surprise birthday party for our new neighbor has been sad.  I guess you can say I am having to work really hard on not throwing myself a pity party right now.  So, to combat that I will mention what I am thankful for too!
~Time to catch my breath and think, a rarity with three little ones!
~Time to watch the final of "Top Chef" a french cooking competition show:)
~For the motivation to again cut back on sugar and eat healthier while I am in no-exercise mode.
~That yesterday my hip started improving finally..yay!

Anyway, one of the things Daniel has picked up doing is the cooking.  It is the biggest area of "stretching" for us besides child-care because I love doing it and it is just not natural for him.  Thankful that he is willing though!

Here is our simple menu, but with breakfasts and lunches specifically included since its better to more explicit when someone else is in charge!

Sunday:  B: leftover oatmeal, german pancake and yogurt.  L: picnic of leftover pizza, veggies, fruit (I had day 3 of white bean chili!) D: Black beans are in the crockpot for tacos(we have salsa and avocados that need to be used)
Monday:  B: Scrambled eggs, toast  L:  Leftover tacos  D: Sloppy Lentil and Beef Joes (I love these but always forget about sloppy joes!)  Super kid friendly, cheap if you use half lentils and easy if you use the crockpot...what's not to like?
Tuesday:  Green Smoothies, Oatmeal L:  leftover Sloppy Joes (if there are any!) green beans,  D: Spaghetti, bread from bakery, peas
Wednesday: B: Baked Oatmeal, yogurt L:  Spaghetti, D:  Crustless Bacon Quiche, bread
Thursday:  Scrambled eggs, green smoothies, L: Leftovers, popcorn, veggies D:  Brats & Cowboy Beans in the Crockpot
Friday:  B:  oatmeal (raisins, kefir, cinammon, bananas), L:  Leftover brats & beans D:  Burgers and Fries
Saturday:  B:  German Pancake or Zuchinni Bread  L: leftovers D:  BBQ at a prof's house!

Oh, I had to come back to edit this because we just made this chocolate chip (bean) cookie recipe and it is so healthy and delish!  I used unrefined cane sugar for the sugar and it was still tasty.  Try it!
What's on your menu?  Any good ideas for how to use time wisely on bedrest? 

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Esme said...

When I was stuck in bed last month I got caught up reading magazines.

And as for my menu this week, I'm going to try poaching eggs. I've never done it before! Put them on top of asparagus.