Monday, November 26, 2012

Menu Plan

For a few weeks I fell off the menu planning band-wagon and thankfully no hunger related disasters occurred:). Most of it was sickness related, but also time-related, but that always ends up backfiring, because I spend way too much time figuring it out every day since we don't eat much of any convenience food. We rarely eat pasta anymore even (for health-issues, etc.), so a quick meal of pasta with sauce is usually out. So menu planning helps me so much...and back at it I am.

Monday: Taco Soup, cornbread
 Tuesday: Chicken Pot Pie or Chicken and Dumplings
 Wednesday: Pumpkin Soup, spelt bread (machine)
 Thursday: Cabbage and bacon stir fry
 Friday: Homemade Pizza, raw veggies/dip
 Saturday: Hamburgers, homefries
 Sunday: Taco Salad with our french friends, hopefully!

What's are you cooking this week?

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