Thursday, April 18, 2013

Exciting morning

When I say exciting morning, I mean exciting in the not so awesome sense.  But, it ended okay, so
"c'est pas grave!". 
The same morning that the washing machine broke my conversation leader showed up unexpectedly (and I was the only part of the group there!) and was totally unprepared.   Before that one of my precious children (and yes I do mean that...they ARE precious but I wasn't feelin' it at that moment!) ripped apart a very very full wet diaper and thought it would be a super idea to throw it at another one of the kids.  Hence little bits of diaper insides were covering their bedroom floor.  Very wet and gross. 

Despite all that Daniel managed to fix the washer and clean up the diaper mess.  And I muddled my way through two hours of french conversation (with much bumbling!) with no major harm done.  So all in all, what ends well is well.  Above is a picture of Daniel and his happy helper.  Nothing like a tool box to make a little boy ecstatic. 

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