Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Menu plan

Our most recent trip to the farmers' market:

Normally I like to ignore the latest diet/nutrition fads until they are almost out of style.  Same with exercise...I got onto P90X and Zumba when they were already not cool.  I was like that in school with fashion and stuff too. Oh well.   Well, just to simplify and not re-invent the wheel, I started looking up the Paleo/Primal recipes because although I hated reading about it when it was first popular, it seemed like an easy way to get access to recipes that fit the grain-free thing I've been doing on and off. Can't decide about the dairy...I LOVE me some dairy!  It may need to go too eventually, but right now I am just too weak to give up butter and creme fraiche....yum.  And as to reasons...still the same.  Always looking for ways to improve health...get more sleep and not feel fatigued all the time.  That and little things like improved digestion and less blood sugar fluctuations would be awesome too. 

Breakfasts: eggs and green smoothies (frozen fruit, leafy greens/avocado...like always), the occasional oatmeal for everyone else and almond flour muffins for me once in awhile

Lunches:  leftovers or salads


Tuesday:  Cauliflower Soup (with bacon pieces/ground beef on top), rolls from freezer for the fam (made this just now and it was really good...love my immersion blender!

Wednesday:   Beef Broccoli (with rice for everyone else)

Thursday:  Lamb Broth soup with mushrooms (using the lamb bone from our Easter lamb leg), biscuits

Friday:  Cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries, salad

Saturday:  Scotch Eggs, honey cinnamon carrots

Sunday:  on verra...
Anyone else tried the Primal/Paleo thing?  What are your favorite meals if so?


Esme said...

I'd never heard of Scotch eggs before, and heard about them like three times this week.

I don't specifically eat primal, but my meals include things like a few eggs for breakfast, celery and hummus (and/or other veggies), handfuls of nuts for snacks, goat milk yogurt with mixed berries and ground flax seed.

Rachael said...

And then I read about the scotch eggs thing in a fiction book I was reading after seeing them all over the internet too! So weird. Still haven't tried them because of the lazy factor, but soon! Your meals sound really good. I could eat that kind of stuff most of the time too! Funny true story: I tried to buy goat's milk at the farmer's market this morning and only when Daniel asked me why there was a pic of a cow on the front that I realized it was actually cow's milk. But the cheese they were selling was def. goat's so it was confusing!")