Monday, May 13, 2013

Whole 30 update #2

Yesterday made a whole week of whole 30!   It's been an interesting experience so far...not necessarily a good one overall since I had some sort of a stomach distress (I won't go into too much detail here:) all last week.  Yesterday I followed a "gaps-ish" (lots of broth, some eggs and bananas mostly) diet along with taking one dose of a med I had for this specific problem and it seems to be gone.  I didn't feel sick otherwise, but definitely felt exhausted and run down from the combination of the stomach problem along with a strict no sugar, no grain, no dairy etc etc. etc. diet.  Hoping that this week goes better.  One thing I read seemed to indicate that stomach problems can come when people who are sensitive to dairy suddenly give it up.  Possibly.  Or I read something about the "low carb flu" which is possible, but I tried to make sure I was getting plenty of carbs in the way of sweet potatoes, high carb veggies (carrots, peas, beets) and fruits.  So I dunno. 

I've noticed that when I eat something sweet like a banana or apple it is REALLY sweet right now.  I've gotten almost used to drinking just water or tea now but still wish for something more interesting. Hunger between meals is getting better...less intense and my cravings for all types of snacks is less. 

The hardest part is adhering strictly in everything...tonight I realized I'd have to make homemade mayo if I wanted my dressing for our "cobb" salad to be completely "legal".  Plus there is a little honey in the dressing.  I decided to forget it and just use a tiny bit instead of trying to go to all that trouble. 

Funny kid tidbit:  while making our salads Marianna was starving and had just gotten home from school.  She loves hard-boiled eggs and wanted to eat them while I was still preparing them.  I let her have some soup I was drinking instead but after that she was still starving.  I asked her how many eggs she wanted on her salad. She wanted FIVE!  Goodness, now I now why its so hard to keep our grocery budget under control!  We compromised on 3 eggs.  Yes she ate them all plus the bacon, chicken and cheese on her salad!  Hungry kid.  :)

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