Friday, May 10, 2013

Whole 30 update

Just for fun, I thought I would occasionally post my progress through the month long Whole 30 program.  Today was day five and I finally felt like I was making progress.  My stomache had been bothering me since the second day and this afternoon it starting feeling better (still feeling good tonight). Along with all that my constant hunger in between meals was much better today.  I'd read some people recommend a spoonful of coconut oil to help with cravings for sweets and it is AWESOME!  I knew it was super good for you (and super expensive!) but I didn't realize how tasty it was until this challenge.  I have never been quite this strict with everything...not a drop of honey, no artificial sweeteners...nothing.  Having coconut oil to help with the cravings for dessert is really helpful. 

I had Daniel measure my waist and hips on day 2 or 3 too so now I feel like I will be able to measure progress better (won't measure again until day 31) since I don't have a scale or any other way to "quantify".  It was...not awesome.  I have never been so motivated to do sit ups..let's just say that. :)

My biggest hope is always better sleep because that affects everything.  Last night I slept deeper but was up enough to negate the effects and woke up tired as usual.  The night before was terrible...light sleep with lots of nightmares etc. from the kids.  I took a good nap this afternoon (at least 30 minutes) with the littles and am going to bed soon to try to get some more sleep. 

I guess that's it...I'll post more in a few days! 

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