Sunday, November 17, 2013

Preschool, new dress and ladies' retreat

A few pictures to catch you up on our past two weeks Senegal: Louis and Liv do some "preschool" together...Liv is learning how to navigate Starfall on the computer and Louis is playing "cooking" with dried beans and utensils.

My new dress! I picked out the fabric and brought it and a photo to a tailor. All for under $10 I think. I love that it is pretty, comfortable and appropriate for the culture here.

The kids outside on our road, looking for the "waffle kids" (Wolof). Sadly there were none to be found for the hour we were out that day.

I (Rachael) went to a ladies' retreat in a nearby city, Saly. It was a beautiful place and a really refreshing, encouraging time. Here are some of the
The worship team flew in from the U.S.A.  and were really good.
I spent a lot of time doing this (below) with a book of some sort.  ROUGH LIFE, I know:)

How was your week?

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~Jaime~ said...

Love the pics and so glad you got to enjoy a retreat!