Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keeping My Kitchen Helper Occupied

Now that baby M is pulling herself up onto anything and everything I have to make sure she is very close by when I work in the kitchen. The easist way is to involve her in playing with something that is not a regular toy, such as these bowls. It works for me! Yesterday she crawled all the way into a cupboard where we keep all the small appliances. I wish I had taken a picture of her--sitting in the cupboard, all pleased with herself;)

I have also learned to utilize the good ole pack n' play. I so want to be a whole-hearted attachment-parenting type mama (wearing my baby around all day etc) but it just hasn't worked for this kiddo! She craves independence (should I be worried?;) but I have found that the pack n' play solves this dilemma. It will give her enough of a boundary while allowing her plenty of fun things to do that she will be content for 20-30 minutes at a stretch sometimes! If she has the full run of the downstairs all the time I think she gets overwhelmed with what to do. Or worse she will get into things she is not allowed to.


Jodi said...

great idea! just wait til she's tall enough to start opening drawers and randomly pulling out whatever her little hands can find...needless to say, after hearing my little guy sitting in the kitchen floor opening and closing the KITCHEN SHEARS we've had to find them another home! I was so thankful he didn't hurt himself and once again couldn't believe how much he's growing! Enjoy!

Kama said...

I've heard that wooden spoons and bowls are great to entertain a kid with! I'll have to try that after ours is born in September! Thanks for sharing!