Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun (not frugal) at the Corn Maze

Our local corn maze costs $8 per person! Yikes. We almost turned around and went home from sticker shock, but realized that it wouldn't make much sense at that point. So we determined to have fun, even if it was rather un-frugal:) Plus, we're supporting the local economy, right!?

Here are the few pictures we were able to get from our corn maze fun.

Daddy and M looking hard for the next maze marker (there were 6 in all, and the maze was 2.2 miles long if you did it all correctly the first time...we did not:)

Daddy and daughter walking into the sunset

Cheesy grin from daddy...happy to finally find this particular marker

Mommy and M at the last (or second to last?) marker...listening to the nearby cows

The funniest part of our adventure was M and her shoes. She hasn't learned to walk in shoes yet, but is quite steady on her feet in socks or barefoot. We thought she might be able to walk with us part of the way so we tried her shoes on at home first. She acted like her feet were broken. Then she took a step and tried to step OVER her shoes (like wearing huge moonboots or something?:). We tried again at the corn maze, but same thing. Finally we let her walk in her socks but she didn't like the uneven ground and kept falling in the mud or just standing there. We were both pretty worn out from carrying our big kid at the end!

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Jennifer said...

So cute! My son is 1.5 and he just got his first pair of real sneakers (it was sandals all summer). He totally does the "moonboot maneuver", especially indoors on the hardwood floors. Even though he's been walking for 7 months now, he can't get over the weird feeling of real shoes on his feet. Good work on your blog!