Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pantry Storage: Using What You Have

When I started to incorporate coupons in my bargain shopping strategy (maybe a year ago????) I started creating a stockpile. Because of my eclectic brand of menu planning, I like to have extra on hand to work with when choosing meals for the week. Plus I have a husband who has the dream metabolism, so I like to have snack foods and such on hand (if they are dirt cheap).

Since as many of you also know, I am cheap. I would almost never run out and buy some storage solution if I could avoid it. Enter handy husband and an under-utilized shelf that was sitting outside. Daniel put the metal shelf on top of our existing shelving in the pantry and used some heavy duty string attached to screws he secured into the wall to keep the shelving from tipping.
Pantry storage using what I already have works for me!

And, especially for the gramies and grampas that read this, here is the cheesy grin:)


Frugal Finds said...

I love to see pantry pictures!!

Christine said...

I love all of your pantry storage; how wonderful. Your little helper there, is such a doll!