Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Loves me some HT super doubles! 5/19/10

My first Harris Teeter Super Doubles trip is below, total $6.25

Favorite deals/freebies:
44 oz. classico sauce free!
Vitamin Waters free!
Lunchable free!
Puff's plus w/lotion free! (I have a nasty sinus infection or these are very necessary!)
McCormick Vanilla $0.99 (totally a good deal for something I need!)
Ortega Refried Beans/hotsauce $0.50 for both (for Liv's bday taco feed!)

Other deals:
Mozzarella Cheese for pizza night $1.40
3 bottles BBQ sauce $0.19/ea
Kashi Puffs (to mix in with our sugary cereals:)$0.49
Yakisoba meals free
Splenda granulated $0.89 (out of sugar so this will do for awhile)
Uncle Bens Brown Rice $0.65

We found someone to let us store some things (including non-perishable foods) for a month and a half until we come back here for another month of training in August. It will save us a ton of money for food and on baggage (since each bag costs $$ to check w/most airlines!) fees to leave some things here...yay!

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mom2priceboys said...

I do the same thing with cereal generic wheat flakes with frosted flakes. Plain rice crispies with cocoa rispies were always a favorite when the kids were younger.