Saturday, May 29, 2010

The sad goodbyes of an MK

These pictures show lots of fun in the sand, but the next day or so was the last time we got to see this group of kids. The family of 7 lived next to us for 3 months and are headed to PNG soon. Our girls and their middle three boys and oldest girl spend a ton of time playing on our deck together. Everytime we pass their door we are a little sad. Ahh...its already starting, the constant goodbyes of missionaries and their kids. I am tearing up as I write this! And then miss Gracie...only a week left with their family!

I don't like it at all! But the Lord knows why and has good purposes for all of it.

Liv and her big standing up skills

M and Si-Si, doing some intense construction. They were the best of friends, the worst of enemies somedays. But they always wanted to play together.

Maybe they'll all see eachother at some MK convention in the future and thankfully Gracie's family will be stationed near us (most likely).

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Jamie White said...

Makes me tear up reading this. We are going to miss you guys SO much. BUT lets hang out lots this week . . . or as much as you are able!