Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Menu Plan for first week of Feb. 2011

*Someone* is turning really really old this week. Like major milestone birthday...but I'm not tellin' who:)

Last week I made a triple batch of Chicken Divan so we could have two for the freezer for after baby. Its a favorite here and we could've easily eaten two of the batches, but I made extra whole grain pasta to put under it and stretch it out:)

Here's what we will be eating this week:

Breakfasts: oatmeal, toast, eggs, baked oatmeal, lazy granola, morning glory muffins (using the huge bag of organic carrots from Costco!)

Lunches/snacks: leftovers, sandwiches, soup


Monday: Frozen pizza. NOT on the original plan but mom, grandma Pat and I tried out a ZUMBA class at Curves and I got home much later than planned!

Tuesday: Dumplings (marked down won ton wrappers at FM), brown rice, mixed veggies and leftover egg/cheese frittata from today's lunch

Wednesday: Lasagna, cauliflower, leftover bread

Thursday: Roast or Chicken in the crockpot w/carrots over penne

Friday: Pigs in a blanket (homemade blankets...didn't get to this last week), sweet potato fries

Saturday: Papa Murphy's pizza (really yummy veggie kind) or possibly out celebrating with the husband (any Wenatchee area readers have suggestions for a nice meal out...not crazy expensive, but not Denny's either:)?

Sunday: Super Bowl! We'll have company so hot dogs, baked beans (both in respective crockpots) and chips/popcorn. I'll probably make a big batch of chocolate oatmeal cookies.

What's on your menu this week?


busy little bee said...

Just wanted to tell you I love your blog. I stumbled on it a few days ago. A few meal I have planned are hot dogs with potato salad, bean burgers with veggies, shrimp with fries and veggies. Once a week I cook breakfast for supper. It is my kids favorite meal. Usually I'll cook eggs, hash browns and pancakes.

Rachael said...

That sounds great busy little bee! We used to have bean burgers all the time. How do you cook your shrimp?

Auntie Gin said...

How did you ladies do at Zumba class? The Snohomish Curves started one this month but I haven't gone yet. Throwing tennis balls for doggies isn't my ideal exercise! Oh, and Happy Birthday again, early, again!