Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby Boy Clothes Blessing!

Occasionally I like to look on Craigslist for various things. This time it seemed to be a blessing straight from our Heavenly Father! I was so excited to see that a local coffee shop (blocks away from my parents' house) was hosting a baby/toddler clothing swap! We had more than enough tiny baby girl clothes to get rid of some excess (we have plenty left even if baby boy turns out to be a girl!)

The cool thing was everyone else at the swap was looking for other sizes so they let me keep coming back (and encouraging me to do so) for another round! I probably got 50+items, all in amazing condition and much nicer stuff than I could afford otherwise. What a blessing!

My big helper is below posing with the clothes. There were so many I couldn't fit them all in one picture!


D said...

Wow! That's fantastic! (You should have called me! ;-)

Rachael said...

(smack myself in the forehead) Duh! I should've definitely called you. Obviously my brain isn't working properly. If I hear of anything else like that I totally will! :)

busy little bee said...

That's great! My friends and I get together a few times a year and have mommy swap parties. We swap kids clothes, toys, books, mommy stuff and household stuff. Between big sister hand me downs and our swap parties I have hardly had to buy our youngest anything.