Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Freezer meals for post-baby update

Chicken Divan
Pigs in a blanket X2
Dinner Rolls (made with pigs in a blanket rolls recipe) X1
Hearty Bean Casserole X2
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (1 batch)

Yet to be made:
Tator Tot Casserole (cheap frozen broc at Albies this week!)
Lasagna or Italian Casserole


Tami Hagglund said...

Your chicken divan link was to the hearty bean casserole and I want to know what it is since you always say how much your family loves it! So can you fix the link because you're killing me!! :)

I've been trying to make meals a bit bigger so I could put stuff in the freezer, too, despite having a fat long list of people that will hopefully be able to bring a meal after the (big) little guy arrives.

Also, congrats on your awesome lot o' baby boy clothes! Yay!

Rachael said...

Oops! Here is the link, but I always do modifications to it. Like when I tripled the recipe I used one can of cream of chicken soup and the rest of the sauce was homemade. And I don't use sherry because I don't have it and as you know I am cheap! http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Old-Time-Chicken-Divan/Detail.aspx

Oh and sometimes I add cheese because that makes everything better:)

Tami Hagglund said...

Oh man! That sounds SO good! I'm going to adapt it and make it gluten free because YUM! And I frequently get a huge bag of organic broccoli from Costco for like 3 bucks and have to figure out ways to use it up fast enough, so this is perfect! Yahoo!

Rachael said...

My mom actually introduced us to this meal this past year...probaby ate it growing up but don't remember! This is a great meal to adapt to gluten free-yay! Very tasty business.

BTW, we were visiting with a homebirth midwife in Seattle on Wed. and were in Ballard briefly. We gave you and Mars Hill a shout out! :)