Thursday, April 21, 2011

39 weeks, 5 days

Today was a busy day for me and the girls. I had hoped that people were right when they said that if you make a lot of plans, baby will come that day. Nope. I took the girls to the store (Safeway for $0.99 pineapple, organic tofu: $0.50 after coupon found in store-see picture below), and marked down natural ground beef), to Ladies' Bible study and then to a friends' house to play. This afternoon I went to an hour long "aqua zumba" class at the Y (my favorite, so fun!)

So, we wait. Somehow I've pulled something in my inner leg, so many movements are painful, which is going to be a bit of bummer when in labor (if it happens soon). Meanwhile, here are some pictures of my shopping trips. I am buying small quantities of things I find good deals so that we don't have a ton of food leftover when baby comes!

Albertson's on the last day of double coupons: total $2.49 (the juices were both on markdown bonus buy).

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