Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Menu Plan (38 1/2 weeks edition!)

No baby yet, so I am going to resign myself to the fact that I need some ideas for meals written down in case I have a while longer until baby comes!

Breakfasts: bran flakes or life cereal, toast, eggs. Might make a trip to the bakery for a treat one of these mornings.

~mac n cheese w/hot dogs, green beans (today)
~Quesadillas, salad (need corn tortillas)
~Pasta w/Marinara, ground turkey, salad
~Peanut Noodles
~Chicken (buying today at Safeway for $1.49/lb) in the crockpot over noodles and brown rice
~sloppy joes (need buns)
~Tuna sanwiches or melts

Well, that should buy us a few days!

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