Thursday, April 7, 2011

Workin' hard in the garden

Daniel and the girls have been enjoying some sunny days here in Eastern WA. When not working Daniel enjoys two things immensely: studying God's word and theology type books/sermons etc., or doing projects for my parents. His latest has been working on getting the garden ready. Roto-tilling, making cages for tomatoes and a compost bin have been a creative outlet of sorts and a bonus for me is that he watches the kiddos at the same time:)

All I do is provide the snacks!:)


Esme said...

Good deal.

kimom said...

Saw your info on the Wycliffe website and thought I would say hi. And here you are in my backyard! =) I was born in Tri-Cities, grew up in Seattle and went to college in Spokane. Anyway, this June we've been members for 10 years and spent 4 months in Cameroon when our second was a newborn.
Grace in the waiting,