Saturday, September 17, 2011

Harris Teeter Triples and produce

I was excited to finally go to do some Harris Teeter for some triple coupon shopping today. Apparently the richer parts of town have less coupon shoppers because the store I went to was in a nicer area and was very well stocked in pretty much everything I was looking for minus some butter and Worcestershire sauce. I spent $43.67 at HT and that included several lbs of hamburger, cheese, 36 eggs, some produce, 2 packages of Seattle's best coffee, milk and snacks for the girls (raisins, applesauce) while they are in the MK station 4 mornings next week (so we can finish up our visa/apt. paperwork). I got a ton of snacks for free/almost free too, plus some fun freebies like Gold Peak Tea and Whole Grain Hamburger Helper.

Bananas from WalMart when we got ink, and red pepper and huge onion and lion crackers (not pictured) from Trader Joes.

We have a freezer full of peaches, several packages of meat and a lot of staples like beans, rice and lentils as well as canned goods to work with this next week!

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