Saturday, September 10, 2011

Many uses of a trampoline & back porch dancin'

We live in what would definitely be considered a small space for 5 people in the US of A. For Africa, probably not so much. But thankfully three of our people are small. But not-so-great is that the three little people are very noisy and full of ENERGY! So...our back porch here at JAARS has gotten to be our best friend. The girls usually spend a couple hours a day out there playing. They especially get good use out of the trampoline. The latest use is as a bed, as you can see:

Also, they have a red tub that doubles as a snack table for their 9:00am fruit and veggie snack tray.

I found the girls dancing and singing about princesses and "stars shining" the other day. They were pretty stinkin' cute.

Usually the singing involves Marianna making up elaborate lyrics and Olivia being her echo. M: "the stars are shining bright" 1/2 a second later Olivia: "stars are shining bright!" And on and on:)


Katy said...

So sweet to see your girls playing together. I can't wait to see Emma grow up to be Sarah's playmate.

Rachael said...

Its a lot of fun:) They will play together sooner than you think I'm sure! (the first time my girls "played" together was when Liv was about 5 months old and their beds were next to each other. We heard giggles from Olivia's pack n' play and Marianna had crawled in and was being silly to make here sister laugh. Very sweet memory:).