Monday, September 12, 2011

Hold Still Louis and Worship w/ Daddy

The girls still love to play Dr. Ever since I was first pregnant with brother Louis, the girls have loved to get out their kit and poke, prod and measure anyone who would hold still. They still love to do it, but I have to watch very carefully now to make sure Liv doesn't do anything that might be a little to rough to poor little patient Louis:) Marianna is usually pretty gentle, thankfully.

We've been trying different things occasionally with our morning family devotions. We almost always work on a memory passage plus some catechisms but this particular morning we thought maybe would would start adding a hymn or some song that our church here in NC sings at the end of worship. Livvie wanted to help daddy and was pretty cute trying to sing with him.

The internet is such an amazing resource sometimes...we were able to find the song we were looking for and play it while we practiced over and over.

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