Sunday, April 8, 2012

First Hair Cut for the Boy!

Louis, looking rather sheepish because his hair was getting longer than Livvie's!

Louis after: his new "do"! If you look close its pretty terrible, but mostly because he wouldn't stay still! I had to be fast which resulted in a few crazy spots. But from a few feet away for farther, it looks pretty handsome on the boy!

This past few weeks have been a little better with Louis, most days he is exploring more and not fussy 90% of the time like previously. He still has bad days and mornings(and evenings...) but its been a little bit improved. And he's back to only waking up once a night most nights, which is really good for him! Louis is cruising a lot and crawls lightening fast, but is not walking. He waves "bye bye" and is babbling a ton. He'll be ONE in a few short weeks!

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D said...

It's so hard cutting hair! I've taken to just using clippers because at least then it'll all be closer than I can do with scissors :-)