Friday, July 27, 2012

Enjoying special summer events in Chambery

Special picnic with our thailandese friends to the nearby park. We speak a lot of Franglish.

Deep conversation in Franglish.

Louis and the horse.  He was very interested in this large animal, but a bit nervous.

There was a latino concert right down in the park below our apartment.  The girls danced until they dropped.  Louis explored until he dropped.  No the kids did not sleep in the next morning!

Thank you world!  You have been a good audience!
Louis the explorer.  He is almost fearless...especially when climbing or checking things out.  Animals might be an exception to that, but only at first. 

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Karolyn Crosby said...

I love seeing the kids around the horses :) They must of gotten some of their Aunt Karolyn horse blood in them :)