Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We are family!

A couple of pictures of the three monkeys playing together. I wish I could say that they always play contentedly together, but alas, it is not the case. Since Louis has taken to climbing.on.everything. and since the girls don't necessarily always like their tea parties and princess jewelry eaten and destroyed, things are not always roses and buttercups when they play together. But...there are happy moments in between and more often than not when there are only 2 playing together (usually one girl and Louis!) it goes well. I wouldn't trade my job for anything though!
In other Crosby news: We've started "homeschool light" a week ago. We do about 45 minutes of various homeschool type activities in the morning right after morning chores and when Louis is napping. It goes like this:
Childrens' Bible time Reading lesson (Phonics lesson and then some "BOB easy reader books" which we are reading over and over (from Daniel's mom...thanks mom!)
Worksheet time at the table (my mom sent us a bunch...thanks mom!)
Flashcards (counting and shapes)
French (books in french, youtube educational videos in french, flashcards)
Read aloud time (we are reading some American girls books my mom brought us...the first books without lots of pictures the girls will actually sit and listen to for 10 minutes or more!
 C'est toute! It's been a really good thing for all of us I think. The girls are getting more attention and have more of a routine(and not to mention learning something!) which seems to be affecting their behavior positively the rest of the morning.

We've also cut my studies back to 2 days a week at school, 1 day of tutoring (in our home while Louis is asleep and the girls play/watch a video/eat snacks in our bedroom) and 1 day (sometimes when the lady is available) of conversation group. That gives me a little time to do things like homeschooling a few days a week. Louis is no longer nursing at night as of a week ago (we just decided to go for it!) but he still cries from nightmares or something at least every other night, and Livvie does some nights, but certainly not like she was a couple months ago. So far we haven't gotten much more sleep as a result, but maybe next week (we've been super busy this week and have been staying up late with homework, deskwork almost every night lately).

 Lastly, we hosted a Bible study in our home lead by a French gentleman who goes to our church last week. It is a mix of french people and people learning french. It is cool to start to be able to do stuff like that and actually understand a lot of what is being said...exciting! But we both still have a long way to go. And we both talk like preschoolers:)

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Auntie Gin said...

I had never heard that phrase roses and buttercups before, but I guess it's more common than I thought! Well, you deserve all the roses and buttercups you want for all the hard work you and Daniel are doing. Loving the pictures Kathy brought home from France.