Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Claudia and Joseph!

Yesterday we help celebrate the anniversary of our french friends Claudia and Joseph who have been married 50 years! Claudia is the "missionary to missionaries" and is just a super friend to anyone who isn't french who comes across her path. Even if you don't speak a word beyond Bonjour she'll invite you over, feed you delicious food and love on you. She is super inspirational to me. After seeing her in action I was even more convicted about reaching out to those who are far from home in my community. I wish I had been even more proactive about that when I was a young adult in Washington. Anyone can do it.

Such a sweet couple...we were so glad to be able to do a little something for them (our friends' Fran and Jenise had the awesome idea!). 

The whole group of party animals, with our honored guests. 
Such a fun time!

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Adam and Ruth said...

Our old house! And the curtains I hung on the windows! And...the so-sweet couple I love, celebrating their 50th?! I am loving these posts of familiar places (though with many unfamiliar faces :) ). ~Ruth H.