Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 17 of Whole 30

Honestly, because of my terrible track record with sticking with eating plans (for whatever reason..losing weight, healing the gut, etc.) like GAPS I am really excited with the fact that I've made it this far.  Being what I would consider fairly restricted makes it a challenge some days.  As my family eats my sourdough crackers and piles loads of creme fraiche on their soup...I look around for more veggies or have a hard boiled egg.  Or some avocado.  Maybe a banana if I'm being wild.   But that said since this is not a specifically weight-loss diet (only anyway) I am not trying to eat less. Just different. 

Yesterday we had a gathering with some other folks heading to Africa (and one family heading to PNG) and a french friend who bakes AMAZING cakes.  And I didn't eat one.single.bite.  It was an amazing feat of self-control.  Or not.  Maybe it was the fact that everyone knew I was on a no dairy, no gluten no sugar and pretty much everything in that gorgeous cake was INTERDITE.  A little positive peer pressure (in my mind anyway). 

In other not-very-interesting news the best Whole thirty dessert (besides coconut oil...oh how I love thee...) is dried apricots and almonds.  Gotta eat a little of both in every bite.  So good. 

I think I'll try my hand at homemade almond milk soon.  But...happy day in a week and a half I get to reintroduce DAIRY!  Raw milk in my coffee (I drink it somedays) I come!

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