Sunday, May 19, 2013

Two weeks down, two more to go!

14 days of dieting fun are under my belt...and thankfully my belt is just a wee bit looser for it.  The hardest part of the Whole 30 gig is hunger between meals.  I try to eat more during meals (and I eat a lot!) to prevent that but inevitably the hunger is there again 2-3 hours later.  I try not to snack like they tell you to, especially since I am usually too sick of veggies to snack on them (I eat a ton during each meal now) and I am concerned about eating too many nuts and too much fruit.  Meat doesn't sound good between meals either, but sometimes I'll have a slice of chicken or something.  Anyway, lest this get too boring, I'll wrap up by saying my clothes are definitely looser!  I have noticed almost nothing in the way of health changes otherwise (still hopeful!) minus the fact that I am definitely sensitive to bell peppers...especially the green ones.  Heartburn every time.  Lightly cooking the colored ones seems to help, with stuffed peppers for example.  

Here are some meals that have been super easy to adapt for the whole family:

Taco Salad
Stuffed Peppers
Hamburgers w/o buns (sweet potatoes for me, reg for everyone else)
Stir fries (we had sausage, cabbage and green beans sauteed in olive oil tonight) with rice for everyone else
Chicken and "mashed potatoes" made with cauliflower and carrots etc. pureed

I've had to change some things on our monthly menu just to use up things that I bought too much of etc. So I'll be back with a menu plan for this week (Liv's bday edition...she'll be four and requested SHRIMP for her bday weird is that?!?). 

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