Thursday, May 23, 2013

Liv is 4 today and menu

This pretty girl is 4 today!  She has always been a mama's girl and to prove it she waited until the day after her "due date" to start thinking about coming into the world...then took another 2 days worth of labor (44 hours!) to make her grand debut into the world.  She never does anything the easy or unassuming way...she is full of noise, laughter, more noise, and loves snuggles.  She is smart and has picked up french super quickly...gaining lots of compliments from native french speakers (one recently asked us if her english was as good as her french because they were so impressed by it!). 

She loves playing with her little brother and they compete for the family clown title everyday.  Olivia is definitely our child that stretches us the most...but with her personality we know she will do great things someday!  We all just have to make it until then:)!  Liv being her quirky self requested shrimp for her birthday dinner weeks ago and has stuck with it.  Since that's our one birthday tradition (getting to pick out your birthday dinner...and sometimes the other meals depending how generous their mom is feeling!) we had shrimp tonight.  Good choice Liv. That leads into our menu for the rest of this week:

Tonight:  Shrimp and Chicken Shish Kebabs (with zucchini, cherry toms, mushrooms and pineapple) and rice cooked in chicken broth.  Super yummy dinner!
Friday:  Bunless burgers, fries, peas
Saturday:  Some sort of skinless boneless chicken dish in the crockpot w/ zucchini
Sunday:   Veggie packed meatloaf (I shred carrots, zucchini, and onions into it), mashed cauliflower

We're still hoping to celebrate Liv's bday with friends in the park on Saturday but the weather is not looking promising.  We have all the "stuff" ready to go so if we can't do it in the park we'll have to get creative. 

What's on your menu?  Any birthday traditions in your family?

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