Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday To-Do List

This week has been a little crazy with finishing up our Wycliffe Equip online course (next week we go to Florida for 2 weeks to do the "onsite" portion!), spilling coffee on our keyboard, and the general chaos of life with 2 under two in an unfinished house!

In an effort to minimize side-tracked syndrome, I am going to post my to-do list for today:
#1: diapers in the wash (yes, I started counting calories and using cloth diapers again in the same week-not such a good idea;) (need to hang them up now)
#2: try to make zucchini bread in the crockpot (will be done cooking @ 2)
#3: hair color re-touch (done!)
#4: Sweep entire house (not such a big job when the house is so tiny:)
#5: start organizing and clipping this past weeks coupons (last in priority on list)
#6: take a walk with the girls!
#7: unpack another box

1 comment:

maygan said...

I'd love to hear how the zucchini bread turns out! We just got back from our walk- it's a perfect day to be outside!