Saturday, September 5, 2009

Loves me some bargains: 9/5/09

Albertson's and more Albertson's (or Albies as those of us who are bff w/Albies call it) was the place to be this past week.

Between double coupons and lots of manufacture coupons, I paid $3 for everything pictured below and got $10 to spend next time. Sweet! i was especially excited about the veggie burger products-they taste a little "junk-foodish" but are relatively good for you and low cal which is great for my calorie counting self. The Post Great Grains are Daniel's new favorite snack food-he eats about a 1/2 box a day! I don't know where he puts it-wish i had that metabolism.;)

This trip was an oh-so-spendy $9.xx, but the fruit pictured is worth more than that. Everything else was free, including 10 boxes of cheesy crackers!
And no, we won't be eating a diet of fruit, crackers and cereal this week. I stock our pantry and freezer when the sales are awesome (we have a freezer full of cheese, lean ground turkey, berries and other random things right now for example) so I can make meals with a variety of food very inexpensively. Here is what we're eating this week.

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The Keevy Family said...

Great Job! I am bff with albies too. :) Did you have coupons for the packaged crackers? I missed those, but they would be great to send with my daughter's lunch.

Rachael said...

The cracker coupon is Kellogg's insert from a few weeks ago-it had tons of different Kellogg's Q's-did you get something like that in your inserts? I wish you lived closer-I would give you some of mine. :)