Thursday, September 10, 2009

Loves me some grocery bargains...

...but visiting 4 customer service desks in one day-not so much. But all is well that ends well and after got over the discomfort of asking for corrections, my transactions were mostly fixed. Not only that, but at Target-where I have had more bad couponing experiences than good ones, the LOD (something or other on duty??) told me that yes, what I had wanted to do was perfectly legitimate and that my problems were due to cashiers who misunderstood the coupon policy, not me. I knew that was true, but it was good to hear it from someone in charge. So talk to those customer service peeps! You probably won't regret it.

Target: Took advantage of the Fiber One giftcard deal and spent less than $2 for 5 Fiber one products.
Albies: Took back a bad watermelon and got an overcharge correction to the tune of almost $9 total. I still have that giftcard, but since I am leaving town I used my $5 catalina from last week to purchase a new watermelon, bananas, minute maid lemonade (free w/watermelon), and marked down yoplait yogurt for less than a quarter after catalina.
Walgreens: Free starbucks' icecream! Also paper towels, paper plates for fillers and batteries we need for baby toys:) The chex mix was $0.49 after coupon-all good deals but I had to return later because the icecream rang up full price.

Above is another Target run and the cashier insisted on only one Target coupon per transaction so I ended up spending $17 after giftcards. Not too bad, but not fabulous. The diapers, wipes, and coffee were all things I needed anyway.

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