Saturday, October 24, 2009

Loves me some bargains (the no pictures edition)

My camera is still at our house, so no pictures. Well at least I hope its there! This is sad because I got some amazing deals-at Safeway and Walgreens this week. I didn't buy much in the way of groceries since we are eating from the pantry, but Safeway scored us some notable deals. Thanks to Maygan for the heads up on the cheap chicken!

Whole Chicken $0.69/lb (about $2.88 total)
Sliced Mushrooms $1
activia yogurt (marked down plus coupon) 0.50

Used $3.00 catalina from Kleenex deal
Total 1.78

Send hubby back to store (he's awesome:) to use up other catalina i didn't realize was expiring. I wanted another chicken but in the few hours since I was there the dozen or so chickens were gone! Sad day. So he bought 3 lbs of onions (something we use all the time) and spent 0.69oop after catalina.

I typically do one or two transactions. I was feeling energetic and had a helpful cashier so I did FOUR!

I made about $12 total after coupons and register rewards so I "used" it buying some things we needed (mostly as fillers). Here's what I bought:

Quilted Northern TP $3.99- $1 coupon
2 rolls paper towels, 1 roll foil $0.59/each
2 dark chocolate w/almond hershey's bars (fillers) $0.50/ea
1 vaseline lotion (free plus $1 overage after RR & $1 IP)
1 starbucks frap $0.29 after in ad and $1 manu coupon
2 Zantac used 2 $5 IP's(I went through a boatload of these when I was pregnant but they work great for heartburn anytime)
1 Fusion Razor $1 overage after coupons/RR
4 cans Lindsay olives (used one on Pizza last night!)
1 pack emergen-C energy shots (love these!)
6 pack individual raisin boxes $1 (M loves these-good filler for us:)

I spent $8 out of pocket so with tax figured it to my $12 overage I would consider all of the above to be free! It sure helps to have a good cashier too;)

Since I have over $30 in RR to start out next week I am hoping for some sweet diaper or food deals to roll them into!

Check out Money Saving Mom and Grocery Cart Challenge for more!

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maygan said...

It's crazy how quickly those chickens disappear at that price! You did great at Walgreens, I need to get back into it- especially with a new one in town!