Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Albertson's Scenarios 10/18/09

Because of the doubles, this qualifies for exemption from our eat from the pantry shopping ban! My eating from the pantry month has been successful thus far because we're actually making a huge dent in our stockpile! Plus our fresh food is almost nil-not much dairy, meat, veggies, fruit are left. So I am making my list with the next week or two's meal plan in mind and the coupons I have (so that I will be able to get things I can use now for the most part for very little out of pocket.
Here's my plan:
2 yo-plus yogurts
4 Pillsbury grands
2 cookie mixes
2 GG steamers
1 Pills Simply Cookies
2 GG Canned veg
- $8.00 coupons
-$3 doubles
get $12.50 cats back
2 Cheerios
6 progresso soup
2 GG frozen veg
1 cookie mix
1 yoplus
1 flour
1 chex mix
-$7.10 coupons
-$3 doubles
-$12.50 cats
$2.50 oop

Get $10 cat
whole chicken $3.75 ish
apples $2.00
onions $0.59
4/2 Liter coke $3.08
butter $1.49
more flour $1.49

oop hopefully less than $2 for the last transaction:)

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maygan said...

I love this promo, it's a great week to do some shopping!