Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuna for breakfast

For my 6:45 breakfast I had oatmeal. Pretty normal, right?! Well, my 8:45am breakfast (typical times for breakfasts these days) was tuna(entire can) with a little mayo. It was fantastic and made me feel very very good. This pregnancy has been so weird!

Today I am 10 weeks along (or rather baby is?) and we have our first appointment with the midwives here next week. I am hoping the all day sickness will be subsiding soon. I feel like my whole day consists of figuring what high protein snack to eat next so I won't feel terrible and when I can finally take a nap. My sympathies definitely go out to those who suffer from this plus worse(not keeping things down (which I do...although sometimes I know I would feel better if it were not the case!) the entire pregnancy (and I am assuming that won't be me!!:).

Off for a walk to the store before my tuna happiness subsides and I have to figure out the next snack;).

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Dano and Melinda said...

Add a complex carb to your high protein snack... that might help! I am always sick (not always losing stuff... but feeling like I want to) all day for about half the pregnancy... unless I eat constantly... which I do... and gain 50#! But eating every 2 to 3 hours... high protein & complex carb seems to help, but it does get tiring figuring out what to eat next! Best wishes & prayers!