Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back from Living Proof Live Spokane!

My mom and I just got back from Living Proof Live in Spokane with Beth Moore! It was a great time. The best part was when she prayed "Please remove anything that might be annoying about me..." or something like that. Okay that wasn't the best part but there were lots of funny moments like that:) The theme was ONE from Ephesians 4 and we talked about how we are all ONE in Christ and need to be unifed in our diversity.

Mom and I had quite an adventure in finding our dinner location last night-- she offered to take me to PF Chang's, which is apparently a very nice Chinese chain but I found a Thai and couldn't resist a bargain. Well, the place was in the middle of an industrial district in the Spokane Valley and we were their only customers! It looked like a bar/nightclub from the outside so we were a little nervous! But the food was actually good and the service was good. They need a little image re-do I think:) I wish I had a picture of this place...its so hard to desribe it in all its 80's garish glory. But it was good food for a very good price so I was happy;).

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The Keevy Family said...

Glad you had a good time! I saw your update on FB about this, but I've never heard of this conference. (Although I have heard of Beth Moore) I have yet to do any of her studies, but I've only heard good things.
Hope you had safe travels on the pass with hopefully no snow yet!
And I know the area you are talking about with where you had dinner. Too funny!