Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Diaper Deal at TOP Foods

TOP Foods Diaper Deal (just started still have time!) $31. Spend $25 (or multiples of) and save $10 instantly for each increment of $25! Here are the details, thanks to Coupon Connections NW!

8 packs of diapers and one large wipes and generic bum-paste for $31! Just in the nick of time...we're out of wipes and diaper cream. Not a good thing. Especially when the little bro has to do his very first diaper change (poo) in the Mickey-Dee's w/no real wipes. I call that a white-trash diaper change (using wet TP:).

Oh and to add excitement to my diaper run...the power went out in the store just as I went to check out. I didn't get a normal receipt so if there were mistakes I will never know. But I figure it works out to around $3 an item so I can't complain there:)


D said...

Are there details posted on this somewhere? I'm assuming coupons and such... ;-)

Rachael said...

Yes! sorry I forgot to post that part!

I will add a link to the post too:)

Coupon Connections NW said...

Excellent Job! I LOVE those overnight Diapers too! They are the best