Friday, November 19, 2010

Last week's double runs and Rite Aid

Albertson's, last week...the turkey price was calculated on sale based on regular prices so I only spent $15 or so for all this. I had no coupons for the syrup, graham cracker crust but they were items the family requested.

Rite Aid: less than $5 for all this after Up rewards, coupons, and sale. Love it!

Target: $2.05 for all this...pretty much ready for Thanksgiving items!

Albies, again. Doublers run. Not sure of exact but around $5 for all, including a few things we just needed like bouillon and the bags (Hefty one zip were gone and would have been free, but these were a dollar each). Bisquick was $0.50 for the big box (like to do scratch but these are nice for quick biscuits or rare occasions), Michelina dinners were $0.10 each (got 10) for dad's lunches, Tree Top and Swiss Miss were both free! The soup was $0.19 after doubles.

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