Monday, November 1, 2010

Loves me some grocery bargains: Albies & Wal-Mart

While I do not love Wal-Mart, it came in handy today when I needed a lot of staples (sugar, rice, eggs, beans etc.) that didn't have coupons or sales at most other stores this week. Plus running around to bargain hunt isn't my idea of a good time when pregnant and toting toddlers! So Albies had to fulfill all the bargain hunting I wanted to do and Wal-Mart filled in the rest:)

And here's what we'll be eating this week:

At Wal-Mart I spent about $22:

A freebie: 4 bottles of Gain dish liquid
Cheap: cream of mushroom soup $0.30 after coupon and sale
Ritz Munchables $0.98 after coupon (we've been out of crackers for awhile and hubby was going through withdrawls!)

At Albertson's I spent about $26 in two transactions.

Free: bananas (nilla wafers peelie), corn tortillas, Capn' Crunch cereal
Nestle Halloween theme cookie dough.
Cheap: Wheat Thins (like I said, we were out and this deal was good enough!)
Jenni-O Turkey Sausages (marked down $3 to just over $1 each!) ground pork for $1.50, olive oil for $2 (after other doubles overage?), Juicy Juicy for $1!

Snag any great bargains this week?

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