Thursday, February 10, 2011

Loves me some grocery bargains Feb 9th, 2011

All the stores in town have their good points and bad points, but recently it has been a real love/hate kind of relationship. Take Safeway for instance. The deals were amazing last week especially with coupons and the Joy of Football coupon book, but half the Joy of Football coupons failed to come off my order everytime I used them!

Exhibit A: Safeway about $20 (too lazy to grab receipts as usual). Around $15 of that was the steak, so $5 for 4 tostitos, 2 Safeway Salsas, 2 packages all Beef Hebrew National hotdogs (reg. $4.99 each!), and gold n soft light butter. BUT, I had to get the receipt adjusted to that by customer service, which was okay, but he looked skeptical as I explained what had happened!

Walgreens: Spent about $2 oop and used $2 more in RR than I left with so all this "cost" about $4. Love this haircolor, so amazing deal overall.

Albertson's: Too complicated to explain, but I used my raincheck for oats from last week's sale to get my last 20 Quaker oats for less than $5 total. The rest of what is pictured here was less than $1 after doubles and coupons.

Side note, the only reason I was able to do so many transactions with doubles was because my mom was awesome and got a ton of ads from the highschool she works at. They kept bringing her more and more if you are in the area and the doubles end up in the ads themselves talk to me and I can probably hook you up:)

Side note #2, this of course isn't all the shopping I did, just the best deals. We also bought milk products and produce at another time, including a huge bag of spinach and two huge jars of pickles my dad bought at Costco. Good pregnant lady foods:)

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