Saturday, March 26, 2011

Way too much shopping (the one time in my life bargain shopping is exhausting:)

Walgreens: $0.54 after $2 RR

Freddies: $25.12 (6 packs Tillamook, Seattle's Best Coffee, 4 lbs Challenge butter, strawberries, 8 packages Ronzoni pasta, sour cream and marked down Yo-plus. A bit of a splurge trip (getting the good stuff, but for good prices:)

Albies: about (gasp!) $50. I figured I was running out of deal getting steam so some things I would've just lived w/o I thought I would get anyway since it takes SO much energy to get out of the house! A few of the pricier items were 6 or so lbs of ground beef, 3 lbs of sausage, a bunch of yogurt, organic whole milk, honey bunches of oats ($0.49/ea raincheck), pepperoni, juicy juice, apples, ronzoni garden delight, some powerade for labor bags:) and 4 light ranches. I am sure I am forgetting a few things, it was a load!

Wal-Mart: not sure of the totals because I need to take a couple things back that rang up wrong. It was a crazy trip because Liv fell headfirst out of the cart and landed on her face!! We drew quite a crowd and had to fill out an accident report, plus it was well into nap time and past lunch time by then. Good times. Freebies: floss. Super cheap: Yakisoba, carefree liners, Revlon nail clippers, gain dryer sheets, Motrin PM (I take these sometimes much soreness! Bad mama, I know), black cotton dress $1 on clearance, 2 pack toddler mittens $0.50. Staples: pinto beans $0.68/each, white rice for those occasions when brown doesn't cut it $0.62. By the way, Liv was just fine. Kids are so resillient, and I am thankful for that!! ;)
Totals: well, let's just say I'll be over budget this week, but not too bad for this month. Next month I will hopefully be hanging out with a new baby for the last half of the month and not shopping!!

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